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I am a retired orthopedic surgeon with fly fishing in my bones! Living in coastal South Carolina, saltwater fly fishing is my passion, though I also love to use the long rod in freshwater. I have been known to use conventional gear as well.

Redfish Fortune

It was the sun glinting off its coppery surface that caught my eye. I stood fueling my flats boat and daydreaming about catching a big redfish when the brightness focused my gaze to the object lying on the asphalt of … Continue reading

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Spring Fever

“The pond we will be fishing today is overstocked” my friend told me as we motored down the two lane asphalt road towards our destination. “The owner insists that we keep every fish we can catch. I promised him we … Continue reading

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Good Things Come to Those Who Wade

    My initial reaction as the bow of the boat touched the spartina grass of the small island was  “ I’m going to need some bigger shoes- like snow shoes maybe.”  The salty water appeared to be about a … Continue reading

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Catching Up in Sandy Point

It is uncommon for two people to remain steadfast friends without seeing each other for over fifteen years. Yet this is exactly the case with my chum Tom and me. We met many years ago in a professional setting and … Continue reading

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Hookless in Sea Battle

I have always thought of myself as the straight arrow kind of guy. One that always follows the rules, never exceeds the speed limit, and loves his wife and family above all else. But now, here in the presence of … Continue reading

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The Prodigal Piscator

Each of us seems to have his own individual image of heaven. My own vision is complex and frustratingly opaque. It includes commonly envisioned features, such as eternal peace, reuniting with family, and basking in the radiance of God’s presence. … Continue reading

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At Christmas, What Goes Around Comes Around

Originally posted on castingawayblog:
Author’s Note- This post was Originally Posted on December 13, 2011by castingawayblog. It iis re-posted today for the holiday season. Please do what you can to help less fortunate children in our community to have a…

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