Castingawayblog is a site dedicated to fly fishing and in particular, fly fishing travel. We plan to share experiences and techniques, as well as to provide a portal to destinations across the globe for the travelling fly fisherman. Enjoy!


5 Responses to About

  1. Paul Sasser says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Blog. I am definitely “hooked” – I’m going to create a link from GoFishSC.com to your site. Looking forward to working together!
    Paul Sasser
    Founder, http://www.gofishsc.com

  2. Jessica Williams says:

    I love your blog site dad! Good job!
    I can’t wait to go for red fish this summer! 🙂

  3. Mimi turner says:

    James, I know nothing at all about fish or fishing; however, I love reading your blogs! I told you years ago you should write a book. I am more convinced than ever that it would be a best seller.KEEP WRITING and posting.

  4. Jim Tergis says:

    Keep up the work. Your soul is now exposed for all to see.

  5. Christopher Hutchinson says:

    James, I had a wonderful time reading your entries this morning. The pictures are just incredible. You have me fired up about the fly rod again; maybe its time to dust it off! See you at the field!

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